ICI Webinar

The Changing Landscape for Foreign Direct Investment
January 14

During the past few years, several countries have revised their existing foreign direct investment (FDI) rules, or introduced new ones, to address concerns about national security and supply chain disruption. Some jurisdictions are first adopting FDI screening mechanisms, while governments with existing regimes are expanding their powers and becoming more active in their enforcement. Although not the intended target of FDI legislation, regulated funds are often caught in the crosshairs of intentionally broad legislation. To avoid potentially time-consuming and costly missteps, regulated funds need to be aware of FDI trends and developments in key jurisdictions, and be prepared to take these national rules into account when planning acquisitions.

This webinar focused on:

  • The changing regulatory landscape for FDI and the impact of COVID-19
  • How the uptick in FDI affects international investments, particularly for regulated funds
  • The scope, applicability, and review criteria of FDI restrictions in select jurisdictions


Eva Mykolenko

Fiona O’Shea

Associate Chief Counsel
Securities Regulation
ICI Global

Senior Associate
Aosphere LLP, an affiliate of
Allen & Overy LLP